16 01 21

Soft, soft, the languish shocked
terrible pitted think & lost
city     swtiched semiotic drink
rigid through pale tube,     pallor
of the jaundiced eye, soft swum
cinnamon, soft, the languished
suck,  a wind bobbing in beauty
drizzled by terrible patterning
institute Taste, rowed behind
closed streets, dark camouflage
on the flanks of the swam,
retreated, untoi sip, heading on
the camps glowing, energetic magpies
perch between parading for food
beneath the arching cave-lamps
soft, soft, the languish shocked

by an empty series of neutral doorways
once again there, oblivious,
regulation parlour, containable situations,
flicks through manual, pincer on number
appropriate, approximate, checks time.

Anna Mendelssohn« Little Dog Mine 1948 »I’m working here. The collected poems of Anna Mendelssohn[The News, n° 1 (April 1987)] Shearsman Books2020p. 247ed. Sara Crangle goût peinture poésie anglaise tableau