16 01 21

It isn’t just that it wasn’t, going unchallenged
or on the level of a line : it was that each one
was from the soul, which was not quite wrenched
which is why discourse is so important
& why I had trouble on my hands.

So which which why why may be unpleasant
much less comforting than bomb bomb thrust thrust
after between & before lesiure which moved me not
that my voice neither my touch neither that
nor my ear led me to your ready persecutors

but that you hammered, and increasingly so,
gathering detractors & detesters to spit & threaten
that you could not take another point of view
that you still return to shout your accusations
into my reverie already troubled ear.

For why cannot you admit that your corruption
was inescapable & that I was not the surrenderable sort
who could so lightly without thought
take your dictum as my obligation
take your force as just, without fear, without condescension ?

Anna Mendelssohn« To a Green Field »I’m working here. The collected poems of Anna Mendelssohn[Slate, n° 3 (1987)] Shearsman Books2020p. 250ed. Sara Crangle adresse autorité champ poésie anglaise vert