16 02 21

As Baruch said accursed, nevermind blest –
Since men would rather imagine than understand
And chance is imperfect knowledge
And body exists as we feel it
And essence is that remove, that degree,
without which a thing is no thing
(Defined is defined)
And nothing happens in the body
That is not perceived by the mind
The mind also conceives by its power –
A contents that is as in the song « sweet content. »
Since no one cares about anything he does not love
And love is pleasure that dwells on its cause
He who loves keeps what he loves :
An image inwreathed with many things
That may flourish, that draws cause
To light up.
If the understanding perceives the idea of quantity as cause
It determines the quantity
So to speak from motion
(A line from motion of a point,
A body from motion of a plane)
Yet these are not understood
Unless quantity is perceived
And the motion be made to endure
Which could not be
Without a thought
Of infinite quantity.

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University of California Press 1978
p. 174–175