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there are stories without narratives in every newspaper in the        country        a hurricane swung inland and hit the coast of florida        once        there was a peaceful town called tallahassee and now its in ruins        […]        and as i see it a story is all about plot        a        story is the representation of a series of events and parts of events        that result in a significant transformation        its a logical form        but a        narrative is a representation of the confrontation of somebody who        wants something with the threat and or promise of a transformation        that he or she struggles to bring about or prevent or both        these are        two different cognitive modalities addressed to the problems posed to        us by time        because time is measured by change        destabilizes all things        especially human things        temporary steady state systems who like to        and change        because we are all        have to        think of        ourselves as stable in order to imagine ourselves as selves at all

David Antin, I never knew what time it was
« the noise of time »
i never knew what time it was
University of California Press 2005
p. 69–70
histoire/récit récit