23 08 14

Pity vie


Pity vie has been designed for the walls of the big fuckedupperia of Language after http://fundraiser.pitivi.org/blog/2014/02/26/using-gstreamer-make-smooth-slow-motion and a general impression of some selfindulgent modernpoetry from the United States pf America. In a train to Marseille, Sam Langer modified it while I was sleeping, and since I couldn’t spot his interventions afterwards, he deserves his share of authorchips.


The fuckedupperia of Language (OH)

Romance, amour, smog
particle pollution
present :
major health hazards.

Young children, who have developed
Often hold my arm in my sleep
and call their money back.

are important
to be skillfull with
and consumers should keep in mind
my typical steak marinade
that I created.

To argue black is white
fits you
you shall depend a lot on time
going shopping.

Temptation has no limits however
now, as a teacher I have
offline aggregators.

The answer is « yes »
to any question regarding
boundaries, borders
are a pen sharpener.

Good quality flatware
and you get to leave out the ô hum
boring spots of exaltation but, in fact : this one, you know
known as support they call it you know this
one, « support », is peculiarly disloquent.

Having a walk, foul smelling spring and sunlit graves
chills in the parks
people wearing mützen, fringe epaulets, sophisticated ways
to hide both their balls and bellies
although there might be naked folks to be seen and joined
somewhere, units of wild gymnasts running loose of their vestments
and by shoppers’ chance walkers
never fancy their shoes enough.

Do you know colleagues from across campus and beyond
who genuinely care about success
these annoying people you know
the same sentinel sun watches them
over, siehe oben
all the items I’ve just meant but but above all
don’t forget my steak marinade.

Victims failed to catch Bin Laden
gave a refound to big pharmas, shoes to walkers
looking for what they really good at
Smith said
Clinton is really good at it
he said
and I wonder
he said
how his whistle would blow in my mouth.

Since family may fail or die
get regular walks in serious fashion
along the kanal in the shouts of locals
playing football unhibitedly
is an option, fast an alternative.

No flowers
private scattering of ashes at a later date
the easiest way to spot those counterfeit
images is to wear shoes
and go for a walk in search of
and don’t try or dare
pick me.

Let me be clear :
I deliver rather weak performances regarding the standards of built and consistant
things that say a lot about culture with visual clues signifying war, commerce,
sensitive objects designed for runners’ feet
these bastards
let’s send them anything we want to makeover.

They’re so focused on the end goal of getting what they want that they’re able
to be intimately involved in the creation of systems
in the big big big share
of affects
this superb laundry
Smith said
Is not the best bet on pandora charms.

I’ve become even more acutely aware of the importance of positive and timely versing
the clickers use
to make up their minds all over
I see them as as many poor wandering « Minsteries of Defence »
of Congo for instance
selected through a long process
of checking the bulk box.

Cutup is decadent
Smith said
and disrespectful
he said
telling people in the street about a disaster himself
harassing intellectuals with torches in the night
walkers look for units !
he said
walkers look for units !
he said rather shouting.

Another big plus is no more weeding
it became a brand and a name, a company with employees and I assure you
that once your milk will have settled down, then the pumping works fine
and your balls are easy to carry around which make them ideal for
illegal gunning supporting rational weapon :
highest achieved military rank.

Cheap barons : nobles in habits nobles, casted to play
nobles nobly dressed, casted
to be nobles nobly dressed, casted
to be the noble cast, the particles sprawl endlessely
cutting up is a typical
thing Smith said
and decadent
my English friends
wouldn’t dare say my steak marinade
or nor what has happened
to Chinaman or to us for him not
to be mentioned
that I created
by us but by him anymore ?

A question is :
who was out riding in April 1865
when a shot rang out
coming from somewhere and someone ?
another question is :
where were you last night ?
emergency restaurant
whatever we do here, trying to determine where we slept last night
the impact is tenfold, or a hundredfold
got on, climbed up to
my typical steak marinade
in comparaison with people
being nobles nobly dressed
on their mounts carefully casted
living for the thrill of getting shot in April

Literally or metaphorically : I don’t like to travel
we might have to tho
how do I begin to get things ahead ?
I can’t stop feeling so behind
where is balance
where is balanced
trap shut ape dead
the present tense of existence, I like
but the past tense of memories, I don’t.
so I make pun of it, feeling much bitter.

When he died
the second bearded president was described
between natural commas
as a « bold » man, « wild » and « shaggy »,
how will I ?

Wake up Africa
Don’t let modernists get your cows, your gems
Capabilities, models and mineral levels.

where to buy a gold watch, digital watch, citizen watch, or a Swiss army watch, or even accessories like watches
reversing diabetes naturally
in its very truly great manners and very
allegorically, very really
and titanically
nevertheless have you noticed
how many opportunities there is
for people wants to express
their inside baguette
get spectacular with their balls
or mouth : the big game of the lower jaw
all this still in search for a look
for units
superb units there is
and it is not the internet
that has healed unpleasantness.

Both silver and gold
are shitresistant.