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PAM452 – It’s warm. You can chill

It’s very very safe, not as spooky as it used to be but still charming and probably more quiet than what you can hear on TV. It has a lot of little shops and bars.

To be honest, it is a mix of nightlife, restaurants and little shops. So you can shop in the morning, enjoy a good meal outside and rock it to the next morning in one of our illegal basements. In fact you should try to shop in the morning, it’s beautiful (I love little shops, I can give tips).

Most of the houses in the area are beautifully renovated. There are some good squats. Besides, we have the best Korean BBQ place, best Italian, best Thai, beer Garden, German Currywurst Place, Tapas bar, best Sushi, Popup Dumpling, Mexican Tacos/Guacamole all in 5mins walking distance. I can wave over to them from my balcony :-)

I love getting in touch with people for tips. So far, I always got good reports on my tips. Normally it’s just me and my girlfriend during the day. I’m very present, specially during the day, because I’m freelance, but you can also smoke a cigarette with my girlfriend on the balcony.

Interaction always depends on the guest, but generally I love to give tips and am always open to enjoy a juice with the guest :) I think that in general my guests appreciate my tips but you can also organize your stay the way you want, I’m only here during the day anyway so feel free :-)

There should always be something of your taste, some have problems though. don’t trust everybody, I can give tips. Also, the ping pong and bowls is just around the corner. When you leave, don’t forget to leave a review in the book.

Besides your guest room you can participate in using the fully outfitted eat-in kitchen, the bathroom with shower and bathtub and the spacious living room. You should not hesitate to use them all but of course you can also just relax on the balcony. I’m only here during the day, mostly working on my thing with my girlfriend.

Here you can find different kinds of art. It’s very very plural. It can be weird at first how plural, people even call it « little everything » ;-) Since I work from home, I am very flexible in time, so that you can actually arrive at any time or ask me for tips while I’m working, plus I never say no to a good juice on the balcony. My girlfriend runs an off-space at night so she knows a lot of people with projects.

The flat is located and is central to cafes, restaurants and trendy bars that mark nearly every corner. I am happy to give you more tips on things to do and see here when you arrive ! « Neukölln » is a lively neighborhood and it is popular with students, artists, and other people. And frankly, who says no to a good old squat party they throw around here ?

You can find theire a lot of bars and restaurants. Good shopping possibilitys are located in about 5 min by walk from the appartement. Every corner is marked by a trendy bar. There are still some non trendy bars, but it is very clear as well when a bar is trendy or not. I find it very practical, with my girlfriend.

The space is big enough for two people to spend entire days inside. Its cosy, there is some WLAN and a Sound-System. The time I spend in the apartment, I am always up for espresso and interesting little talks. You can go grocery shopping in all kind of shops and almost 24h per day ; it depends on what you need. If you see some tips in the bathroom don’t be scared, I installed them myself.

People from a lot of different cultural backgrounds live next to each other and create a social and mostly warm and nice vibe. The vibe can be pretty crual in some neighbouring streets tho, you should’nt go out at night without having asked me for tips. Weather you are a couple, two friends, three children, four pigs or a single business traveller, the flat is pretty much a very good thing to spend day and night.

Have so-called brunch and atmospheric dinners in the large eat-in kitchen. Prepare your own meal in the well-equped kitchen when you don’t feel like going out. One bedroom has a cosy loft bed where you can sleep into the day if you feel like it, it’s just me on my girlfriend anyway.

If you feel like you want to get inspired, let your gaze wander over the yard and the roof of this typical apartment building. Have coffee or a glass of wine on the balcony soaking the atmosphere. My apartment’s special features and its great location make it the perfect home for me, my guests, and the passionate travelers in general.

Small and « independant » cafes and restaurants, galleries but also shops and supermarkets just a five minutes walk away. And of course : nice playing courts for the kids. All kind of kids.

The area is full of hip, fancy illegal clubs, restaurants, bars and cafès where you can enjoy amazing breakfast, lunch and delightfull dinners… including beers, wines from around the world as well as traditional or ethnic food. It’s all very ethnic, and I enjoy it, personnaly with my girlfriend.

In short it’s warm, bright and charming, it’s furnished, it’s in the pulsing heart of my favorite district, which is often described by locals as « one of the fastest developing areas since 2008 ». A balcony where you can chill. We hope to see you soon.