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1. Notes Toward a Theory of the Crush, Crush’s Discourse, Ma Vie en Crush.

2. Tableau vivant of extant crushes with possibility of sexual consummation determining centrality.

3. Tableau vivant of former crushes, all asleep on the floor.

4. Hidden track of embarassing crushes on an otherwise unlistenable album.

5. Regarding the crush of never-to-be-lovers, these subcategories : the never-to-be-lovers of who is already spoken for ; the never-to-be-lovers of geographical impossibility ; the never-to-be-lovers of sexual incompatibility ; the never-to-be-lovers of the narcissism of small differences ; the never-to-be-lovers of asymmetrical desire.

6. Some species of crushes : the crush of intersecting research interests, the crush of good politics, the crush of great poems, the crush of proximity, the crush of lack of proximity, the crush on who you’ve never met, the crush on whoever sits next to you and begins to talk, the crush on the highly informed gossip, the crush on who leads with cruelty and ends with affection, the crush on who leads with affection and ends with cruelty, the crush on whoever you are content to observe, the crush on who you think could use a little more education, the crush on a fighting spirit.

7. And what are the territories beyond the territory of the crush ? Romantic love ? Sex ? Friendship ? Apathy ? Literary journals ? Unsent emails ? Armed cells ?

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A handbook of disappointed fate
Ugly Duckling Press 2019
p. 98–99
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