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The point about it was, if there wasn’t a god, then people wouldn’t die. I came to that conclusion, that the only reason people died was because there is a god, and the only reason people are suffering is because there is a god. The way I look at it, the way people die proves that something is killing them–something superior to them always wins. A superior force. So death is a god, if nothing else, and all people are subject to it, so death’s their god. They aren’t actually subject to the United States or Russia or anything, they’re subject to their god-Death. That’s very obvious. The point is, having reached that point, what to do about it ? If they ever reach that point. Should they be obedient to the god Death or should they be rebels ? Because if they’re obedient to God and are righteous, then the most appropriate thing to do is to die. Then, when they’re dead, they’re holy and righteous.

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GUERRILLA [December 1966]