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Houses & buildings were not just left as they were : all doors are large, none are revolving, there are no cagelike places, elevators are transparent, all windows can open, places open out onto other places, hallways are generous, there is no rent, backyards behind city buildings are joined without fences so you could ride a horse behind the streets, some pavements have turned back to dirt, there isnt any money, money became so physically large that to accumulate five dollars it would take a whole old-fashioned room full of these big metal things ellipsoid in shape, all the sewage of the world makes fuel plus a generous contribution from the stars, the ex-oil companies take care of that, we clean the streets, the schools are an essay on schools, you can get what you need from the stores and storehouses, if you act greedy no one will look at you, drugs are dispensed by old people, if you want dope you have to go to the museum, when you die there’s no hospital, it’s safe to be born and safe to die at home, there’s no accidents, hideous things have ceased to befall you, various women and men come to your house when you need them to work against these things, often old people say, “I have never suffered pain,” old people run the newspapers and storehouses, they meet in conventions to plan the free travelling all over the world of the 18–25 year-olds in place of the ancient colleges, they run the nursery schools, it is to your greatest disadvantage to live in a house without an old person, you have no influence then, the whales are farmers for the humans, we cat their underwater potato baked with a steak of shark & seaweed salad in America, poets and artists entertain the people in the neighborhood, there are contests and exchanges with other parts of the world, neighborhoods publish books, the printing costs are paid by Ex-Landlords Inc. (Ex-Publishers Inc lost all their money investing in solid-state computer systems and are seeking to re-invest in literature), there are still cockroaches in the cities, they live in a museum built on top of the Frick called the Watt on Fifth Avenue (no children allowed) named after former Secretary of the Interior James Watt who had an out-of-the-body experience at the opening and after that he wasted away in a noisy wilderness somewhere, there are no dentists, dentists had to admit at last there were herbs that cured toothaches without any pain at all, for years the dentists were held in the jails for sadists, now they are released and live among us, there are still doctors whom you never have to wait to see, when patients (the word patients was changed to people, or, colloquially, leeks) go to a doctor’s office (the word office was changed to house) they are given tea and perhaps lessons and ointments, acupuncture is practiced to prevent diseases, operations are rare, they are performed in operation cathedrals, most diseases and chronic debilitating disorders disappeared after people began to stop being paid salaries for their work and the medical profession (the word profession has been changed to chore or inspiration) became so predominantly female for a while, there was a comedy show you could still go to for a long time where some man would stick his hand into some part of your body and say, “I’m the doctor, I know what’s best for you and my time is precious,” all over the world it was good news to know at last that by gently and aggressively rubbing the tip of the penis and the penis all over before what they used to call sexual intercourse with a great big hot sponge soaked in honey and karkade you have a 100% chance of avoiding getting pregnant, actually the sponge doesnt even have to be hot and it doesnt have to be a sponge, you can do it any way, and when this method of birth control was first discovered it marked the beginning of the death of both capitalism and armies : people all over the world fled from misplaced tasks, there is no useless work, nobody has a job contributing to the making of money by somebody else jobs are either in the community or in the world, nobody works to sell things and it didnt take long to find out that with people working at useful things all the time to provide themselves and other people with what they need, and with no manipulations of currencies or power or land, there was enough food and shelter for everybody in the world, though some in the world wound up having fewer of the luxuries than they were used to having, crime is fading away, there are still courts and much of what the courts have to do has to do with the rest of crime and the rest of land there is still bad feeling about all this sharing of property and land, maps have become much more complex than they used to be, everyplace is smaller and there are more places than before, there is at this moment no longer such a thing (though it is being worked on) as a map of the world, the air is clear, it is golden, in summer it is iced, there is a little store on the avenue where you can stop if you want for a draft of elixir, it is golden, in summer it is iced, remedies become opaque in moonlight if you’re nervous, have lost love, there are the mesmeric tobaccos and the aphrodisiac ones, there are the work tobaccos, take this if you cant sleep, take this cure for the pains of childbirth, it’s a mixture that must be stolen from a neighbor and stand in a glass in the room next to you emitting a light of all the colors, go to the store of help to get some, there are the histories of all the individuals of the world, everyone adds to this part of the book.

« The Arrangement : of Houses & Buildings, Birth, Death, Money, Schools, Dentists, Birth Control, Work, Air, Remedies, and so on… »
United Artists Books 1984
p. 27–28