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that if you can get enough to eat will sustain itself can move forward & can live till it dies at this moment in this world there are millions of others of your species who you could say in language eat stand & site, fuck & shit, ingest procreate & defecate on or near this same ground, whichever may you like it you sit stand or lie on a world globe orb or circumstance that’s a planet revolving on its axis in an orbit around so-called sun what else could you say that’s true ? You could begin to tell how often you remember you’re one of these sorts of beings in this sort of place you could say what it feels like with a memory and how often you feel the pull (not like being famous or considered beautiful) out of your self and place which is a place so little so parochial that if you lived in it withtout the past you might never even know the shape of the earth and not mich about the rest (someone said I love you I want to be you).

« Life You Are a Being »
United Artsts Book 1984
p. 5