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that if you can get enough to eat will sus­tain itself can move for­ward & can live till it dies at this moment in this world there are mil­lions of others of your spe­cies who you could say in lan­guage eat stand & site, fuck & shit, ingest pro­create & defe­cate on or near this same ground, whi­che­ver may you like it you sit stand or lie on a world globe orb or cir­cum­stance that’s a pla­net revol­ving on its axis in an orbit around so-cal­led sun what else could you say that’s true ? You could begin to tell how often you remem­ber you’re one of these sorts of beings in this sort of place you could say what it feels like with a memo­ry and how often you feel the pull (not like being famous or consi­de­red beau­ti­ful) out of your self and place which is a place so lit­tle so paro­chial that if you lived in it with­tout the past you might never even know the shape of the earth and not mich about the rest (someone said I love you I want to be you).

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