03 05 15

Bopping the Kitchen Mang (PAM1752)

The kitchen’s mob ep consists of a shamanic procedure, which can be described as

trying to make mopping the kitchen floor more interesting
despite it being interesting already

To mop the kitchen floor is in itself a procedure ; and here, taken as the fundamental one, it reveals its big bang, its propellant quality, as in

in everything there is big bang

Why is this a shamanic procedure ? Because it defers to an hermeneutics of time, in which everything makes sense in relation to the initial moment of mopping the kitchen floor. To call it a moment already assumes that there is in itself something to suck out, hermeneutically, from mopping the kitchen floor, from mopping the kitchen floor as a soundwhole, at least.

There is nothing lacking in mopping the kitchen floor ; we mob the mopping of the kitchen floor by taking it as a soundwhole from which there is something to suck out.

Calling it a moment assumes
a peculiar dynamics
that is prone to reveal
what our mediocre senses miss -
unhearable sounds
paulstretches of everyday life
in an environment that we take to be unpaulstretched,
compact, realistically paced
balanced for the benefit of our picked affects -
whereas it has in fact
a kind of specific
which in this case can be called the micro-climate
of having mopped the kitchen floor.

In that as well
for that as well
at that as well
through that as well
gibt’s ein big bang
the grösser bang of
every ment
every second is hm
a source of mentism
therefore in every moment
there is a meme which bangs
just as a bang does
when it bigs
or just actually when it bigs.

To every bang we
our attentions
binding them to biggity
bangless about what we hear.

We respect as
in we show respect to
mopping the kitchen floor
not as an activity
but as a moment
of sounding.

We’re sounding in
what has sounded.

We’re living in
what has worlded.