after a little combing
and the max ration
there were no abstentions
from darkness to darkness
against the rectangular opening
in the deserted street a
slip of paper
gripped my hand
but the wide swathe around it
could only come from a wet brain
punched into the snow
as consciousness came back
there was a couch
a substitute body of mine

Tom Raworth« Eternal Sections »Collected Poems[1993] Carcanet2003p. 410

rolling in off the sea
for the first time
no kind of emotion
waiting around
despite tinted eyeglasses
his muscular hindquarters
didn’t fit
the leather seat
keeping him glowing
to heat the room
would accelerate decay
worshipping the wrong god
when they started
dying wasn’t so much

Tom Raworth« Eternal Sections »Collected Poems[1993] Carcanet2003p. 412